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The Babylon Village Youth Project Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization made up of youth members from the Babylon Village area. We are funded through the Town of Babylon Youth Institute but much of our funds are donations from the community.


 The Youth Project is currently housed at 147 North Carll Avenue in Babylon Village. We have a comfortable lounge and activities center. Youths are offered homework help, arts and crafts and kids in the kitchen programs.  We also have computers, video gaming systems and board games. 



  • Director: Maria Cullen

  • Assistant Director: Pam Monaco

  • President: Christy Landwersiek

  • Vice President: Michelle Kuntz

  • Treasurer: Caroline Cavalone

  • Secretary: Mark Plavin

  • Board Members:  Kathleen Attanasio, Brooke Keen & Megan Kuntz



Since its establishment in 1981 by co-founders Jane and Warren Robert Pasch, the Babylon Village Youth Project has had 12 chairmen and chairwomen of the Board and four directors.  The chairpersons have been John Ryan, an attorney, Jane Vidovich, a teacher, Christopher McCaslin, an administrator, Jacqueline Brucia, an accountant, and Deborah Szala, a social worker and teacher, Gary Brunjes a former District Court Judge, Aaron Stein owner of Norton and Siegel, Theresa Santmann owner of Little Flower Nursing Homes, Frank Arena a school teacher, Marge Ryan director of Project 9Line, Andrew Mulane owner of Omnia Financial, and Timothy Foley a chef for Le District.  The directors have been Robert Plachy (1981-1983), a musician and now a physician, Allison Ford (1983-1985), a counselor and teacher, Darrel Blaine Ford (1985-2000), a teacher, Eric Price (2000-2019) a public educator and Software Manager for Catholic Health Services and Maria Cullen (2019-Present) a teacher’s assistant.


The project has provided thousands of village youth with constructive programs.  Its goal is to engage youth in community service and outreach. We create a safe environment conducive to learning and building relationships with their peers. 


 The youth are able to relax after school or learn new skills. Youth are encouraged to participate in after school programs and interact with their peers.


The Youth Project continues to support the children in our community through generous donations from our surrounding neighbors. 

Math Exercises

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